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Writing a book is not easy!  Donating a kidney is not easy! Celebrating a published book is easy!  It was almost as exciting as when I learned my old kidney immediately produced urine once it was sewn into its new home within my sister’s body!   The Launch Party for my book, The Reluctant Donor, was held on Thursday, April 8, 2010.  It was exciting!

The fact that our family’s story became a book on the 7th anniversary of our mother’s death was poignant.  Mom loved a good party. Maybe she was celebrating, too, from a big fluffy cloud up in heaven, along with Sister Mike and the six other family members who died of PKD.  I hope they know the book is to honor them, to bring hope to anyone newly diagnosed with PKD, and to find a cure.

They taught me courage, faith, and to remember to laugh despite sorrow and pain.  Medical science has made great advances since my grandmother died in 1948 and then Sister Mike in 1966. That’s why I wrote their stories!

I have a friend who has PKD.  She read the book said she laughed, she cried, and then she laughed again.   Isn’t that how life is for all of us?    Please consider donating a book to your local library, dialysis center or local hospital.

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