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Broken Wrists, Broken Hearts, but Happy Bubbles!

I broke my wrist just after my book was published!  My blogging (and typing) fell apart!  A neon pink cast encases my arm.  It starts at the bottom of my fingers; my thumb is wrapped in the “hitching a ride” gesture, and the rest of the cast travels up to my elbow.  It makes it uncomfortable to type!   But, now that it’s been ten weeks; the cast is due to come off very soon, depending on how the bone has healed.  Fingers crossed!

Time for me to grin and bear it because I want to blog about the upcoming Transplant Games! The 2010 National Kidney Foundation Transplant Games will be from July 30, 2010 to August 4, 2010 at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin.  Bittersweet memories for me and my family – Madison, Wisconsin is where Sister Mike died in June 1966 – all those years ago when Mom was by her side and all our hearts broke with grief.  Radiant light – a term that is exactly what Sister Mike was in our life.  She was only forty-five years old  when she died; we loved her fiercely. Her nickname for Mom was Bubbles.  What kid wouldn’t love someone who called their mother, Bubbles?

Our family will be in full force at the Games in Madison.  Dad and Janice are in the Dance Competition and will be competing on Friday evening.  JoAnn and Janice will be swimming again; badminton is another event where they will compete.  Most of us are going to run the 5K and this year there are a few events for the Living Donor to enter.   I chose the only one I figured I could muddle through – 100m run – my run is more of a shuffle, though!  We hope to meet many of you who have written about the book.

We are dedicating our participation in each event to Sister Mike.  Look for us . . . we will be the ones waving wands and blowing . . . bubbles!

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