The Indignities of Illness

Posted on Aug 23, 2011 in Polycystic Kidney Disease, Reflections | 0 comments

The Indignities of Illness

Bumps in the road!  Setbacks!  Wrenches in your plans!  Life always has a mind of its own.

I just returned from helping my sister, Janice.  Janice developed a hematoma and landed back in the hospital.  To say she was miserable is putting it mildly.  She didn’t want to see anyone, she suffered with pain, nausea, and the indignities associated with a tube down her nose.

Nurses are the backbone of the hospital and a person’s ability to recover.  Bless them!  They work so hard to care for the ill, but as a patient or a visitor, it is up to you to help them help you!

Here are things I observed while a visitor and helper at the hospital.  Make everyone who touches you as a patient wash their hands!  Insist on it!  Bring antiseptic wipes yourself for yourself.

Why don’t hospitals supply Depends?  I want to know.  It’s better than the mess on the floor.

If I were to build a hospital, I would consider fresh air – for heaven’s sake – let there be a place where a patient can get some fresh air!  How can anyone rest in a hospital?  Janice is home now!  Rest and get your strength back!

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