Happy 2014!

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Happy 2014!

It’s 2014! A new year!  Joy to the World!

In my lifetime of celebrating new years, it is with astonishment and joy that I celebrate the advances made in both the progress and treatment made in organ donation and transplantation.  When our grandmother’s kidneys began to fail in the 1940’s, there wasn’t anything doctors could do to help her.  She died before my sisters and I were born. I remember wondering what she would think if she knew that almost sixty years after her death, doctors would be able to take one kidney out of her granddaughter’s body, and place it into the body of her other granddaughter.  I’m betting she’d give thanks and shout with joy!

My grandmother (seated in photo on the left) had six children and twenty-four grandchildren.  I believe she only met about four or five of her grandchildren before she died.  Presently, more of her grandchildren are faced with failing kidneys.   Come join me as I roll up my sleeves to help find a cure for polycystic kidney disease and shout with joy while we celebrate LIFE!

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