The Donkey

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The Donkey

When Joseph and Mary journeyed to Bethlehem, the humble donkey carried and helped them along their way.  The donkey was there in the stable with the other animals and witnessed the birth of baby Jesus.

The mosaic is the photo was crafted almost fifty years ago by a class of grade school students.  They made it as a get-well gift to their teacher in the hospital.  The teacher was my aunt, Sister Mike.

The school children collected the various pieces of glass to complete the mosaic, but they could not find red or yellow glass to use for  the donkey’s pack.  When Sister Mike heard about their frustration, she sent them a message to pray to God because He always answers prayer.

One day, an accident occurred outside their classroom window.  A truck hit the traffic light at the corner; red and yellow glass showered down upon the ground.  The children excitedly asked for permission to collect the glass and were able to complete the mosaic.  It is a gift cherished by our family.

Sister Mike also gave her students a gift by teaching them to turn to God in prayer on their journey through life.  During this time of gift giving, thank you for the gifts of friendship love and generosity you have given to me.


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