Book Club Questions

What do you think of the decision of their parents not to tell the truth about the results of the medical tests? Is it better or worse to protect children from the truth? Why? Why not?


Does sibling rivalry play in this book? Discuss adult sibling relationships. Or, did most of the issues in the relationship between the sisters develop and revolve around the hereditary disease in their family?


Do you think birth order plays a part in this story?


Did the stories influence your view about taking control of your own health? How? Is there anything you can learn from the past in these stories that might help you today? What?


How does a catastrophic illness in a family affect your views on health care? How do we as a society deal with families who are struck with catastrophic events or accidents that would cripple a family?


How big of a factor was their religion in this story? Do miracles really happen? Were the coincidences in the book really miracles or just coincidences? What is the difference?


Do you talk about death with your loved ones? Why or Why not?


Do you share your views about what you think happens after someone you love dies?


What do you think of living donation? What do you think of living donors who donate to strangers?


What are your thoughts about organ donation? What are your fears?


Are you an organ donor? Why? Why not?


Is it on your driver’s license? Have you discussed your views with your family? Do they know your wishes?


Has this book changed your views about organ donation?


Download a PDF version of these questions here.